E-commerce Marketplace Dubai

September 30 2016

An e-commerce marketplace is an online source where various third party vendors display their products or services for the concerned users. The deals are made in light of the offers and prices. The transactions are monitored by the marketplace organizers. The marketplace charges fee from seller and/or consumer for being the platform where both of them found each other. The services and products are sole property of seller however only the mediation charges are deducted from each transaction. Today there are many websites which act as the arbitrator and facilitate global online businesses e.g. ebay.com, etsy.com, amazon.com, souq.com, daraz.pk etc.

Swift Mode of Communications

Today is the era of swift mode of communications. The internet has provided wide opportunities for its users. Online marketplaces Dubai have made huge fortune because of cheap internet access and handy devices like tablets, smart phones etc. The youth in particular is fond of having the latest gadgets. The major trends show that Middle East has the most progressive online shopping trends. Various e-commerce marketplaces like Marosia mart, Cobone, GoNabit, Nail the deal, souq.com are bringing latest products from global vendors to the users in Middle East. At particular events like Eid, Independence day, National holidays etc these websites often give huge discounts on sales, therefore huge traffic is attracted to these sites. In this way the suppliers sell their products while e-commerce marketplace earns profits.

Online Sources for Shopping

Online businesses in Dubai are getting more and more popular with each day. Today’s busy lifestyle and lack of time drives the customers to make wireless choices. The pursuit to look different has always been an adjective to humans. People are ready to buy things from online sources amid trustworthy delivery of right products to the users by the suppliers. Only those e-businesses have flourished that own a credible logistic system. The products hence purchased by the customers are direly awaited. If they reach the user in time only then e-commerce marketplace earns gratitude otherwise people change choices and switch to other online sources for shopping. Perfect delivery system lies at the core of e-business.

E-commerce has shown radical increase

In past decade the e-commerce has shown radical increase. In U.A.E alone there was online shopping of $2.3 Billion in the year 2014. With Dubai being in the lead, the e-commerce has also been embraced well in Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The websites are coming up with innovative products and equally innovative marketing strategies. Consequently there is huge demand for new gadgets, new fashions and new trends in life. With the increase in e-business there is an e-commerce marketplace to earn laurels.

Youth is ever willing to buy new things at economical rates, if you get hold of their nerves you can certainly click to loads of profits. The reason being they can be reached fast, they are ready to adopt new and latest things and also they use internet even more than they walk. The facility of being online makes them more vulnerable for online marketers to grab them and sell products.